The Perils of Poor Estate Planning

Estate Planning… A term reserved for the ultra wealthy?

Confusing, legal jargon, not intended for the average person?

Au contraire!

Don’t leave your loved ones like this.

Proper and effective estate planning is an integral part of any high-functioning financial plan. In it’s simplicity, estate planning means you’ve gone through the thoughts, processes and functions to ensure your (and your loved ones’) wishes are taken care of if – or rather, when – something happens to you.

This is where I think people start getting confused…Are you?

Last Will and Testament…

Powers of Attorney…

Advance Healthcare Directive…



There are a lot of different documents and a lot of (not-so-appealing) things to think about.

After all, we are ultimately talking about death…

I’d like you to consider thinking about more than your stuff – more than your investment portfolio – more than who gets the car or house…

It makes so much sense to nail down answers to questions about life support – how will you breathe or eat when you’re unable to do it yourself, and for how long?

As a professional financial adviser, I am not an attorney. This means that I do not provide legal advice, nor do I draft legal documents. I do, however, take a look at your estate planning documents – through the lens of financial acuity – and simply help motivate you toward getting them accomplished (if you haven’t already).

David Karp, an experienced estate planning attorney in Tucson, Arizona says, “with the new tax laws that eliminate estate taxes for all but the ultra-wealthy, some see little need for estate planning. But good estate planning is not about estate taxes, but instead is about protecting your loved ones from the bad things that can happen to them. Good planning can protect the inheritance you leave from your husband’s next wife, your child’s divorce, etc., and help your loved ones avoid income taxes that can save ten to one hundred times the cost of planning.”

The more complex your tax and financial situation, likely the more complex your estate plan will need to be. That said, even if you don’t consider yourself ultra wealthy, you are, in fact, wealthy. You’re a human being with family, friends – loved ones.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and plan ahead. Get the legal documents you need.

If you’re age 18 or over, you need at least basic estate planning documents.

Questions? Let me know!


Did you know that my Comprehensive Financial Planning service includes estate planning?

Together, I’ll assist you in determining your estate planning needs and bring in a competent estate planning attorney to ensure your plan works.